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Updates, Downnotes

So, day off. You can tell it was, because I slept in, until 5:30....OK, I just don't sleep much. Anyway, it gives me a moment to update on things.

So, work. Surprisingly, I think I'll like this. Not that I thought I'd hate it, but I didn't exactly go into it cheering "whoopie!" Keep in mind that I know almost nothing about cars, and you can appreciate the trepidation. However, I'm learning a lot and not shying away from things. I've never had a problem getting my hands dirty (figuratively or literally), and that's good, because I'm definitely jumping right in on things. Normally, I'd take the first 3-4 days doing "computer based training" before getting out on the floor and training hands-on. My manager said he knocked out the computer stuff in 4 days, but he took overtime to do it and didn't expect people to go that fast, though he wanted me to bust it out so I could get where he needed me. This stuff is broken up into chunks that they want you to have done on a schedule (first one on safety inside first 30 days, next 4 on the various positions inside of 120 days, etc.). After 2 days, I'd done everything for 120 days, another day and I was finished with the 150 day mark. That made me some points, to say the least. Also, even though I'm still very much on the fringe of the day-to-day workings, I'm handling customers on my own initiative. This has made me even more points, both in drive and style. You know how they tell you in prison to beat down someone fast, to establish yourself? That's me, without the violence and victim. Set myself up, fast...and it's working. Along the way, I'm learning and doing plenty. Hell, yesterday, I helped a couple other guys change a serpentine belt, and that's a pain in the ass. (Separate note: made a HUGE load of brownie points yesterday by running a last-minute errand that not only saved my managers butt but kept him out of trouble with HIS boss. Go me.)

So, outside of work, let's see. Well, I canceled my paid 'City of Heroes' account, for two reasons. One, of course, is work. I just don't have time. Even if I don't go in until 10, I don't want to get involved in the morning, and by the time I come home, shower, eat, and try to have some time with Jessica, there's not much left. Two, and maybe more importantly, is that I have not had nearly as much fun this time around. With the addition of the "incarnate powers", the game has become very focused on the end-game, which is one thing that killed Warcraft for me. It feels all about hurrying to get to the end and then grinding for the drops, something that I always appreciated that City did NOT do...well, now it does. On top of all that, I stayed with City for as long as I did because of my group of running buddies, Team Awesome. Coming back, I find that they've all moved on to other things and, without that social aspect, I find myself bored. True, I made a new friend not long ago and enjoyed running with her and her friends, but that is not often due to timing and just not the same. True also that kwsapphire hooked me up with a group she runs with, and while there are some great people in there, again, it's just not the same. So, I'm MMO-less for a while. Not making promises, just time to move on from City.

Still have the "Secret World" beta going on, and that's pretty cool. Cool enough to pay for when it's released? Not sure yet. Haven't fired it up in days, obviously. Lots there to like, some not to like, betas change, so hard to really say. Overall, though, I am enjoying it. Should download my copy Diablo 3 today, so I'll have that to play. Found a great deal on Bioshock 1&2 which I plan to get, as I loved B1 and want to play again, and never got to play B2. That's another thing: so many games I've missed over the last 10 years, due to being MMO-focused. With as little time as I have right now, better to have games I can pause. ;)

Things in the house are plenty good. Still crazy about my lady, no question there. She's been sick lately, and something weird going on with her gut which is making her pretty miserable, but we're working on it. Also weird getting used to not seeing her for so long, but that's work for you. Have to make sure and plan for things I want to do around the house, too...Damn, work sucks. ;)

Hmm...nothing else I can think of to report on. Trimmed my hair for the first time in ages. Did a little buzzing behind the ears and across the back, since my hair is pulled back for work and the wispy little stragglers were annoying me. Haven't done this to my head since...1993, I think? Kinda got off my eating/exercise thing, but working is already showing a change again, so that helps.

I'm sore, but it's all good.
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