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I got some uncool news yesterday. My good friends caliban and 01flux had to get the hell out of the place they were living earlier than they expected, and the place they were gonna move into screwed them, so they were gonna be homeless for something like a week. Eww, bad mojo. So, they are staying at my place this week, which makes me feel better, plus I get a ride to and from work! *LOL*

I suppose I should get to work on this corporate thing, but I just love abusing the power of NOT taking calls. It's hard to concentrate too long when you know that you are not being watched, and no one else really knows what you are doing anyway...


Game tonight...and peeps better show up this time. No call/no show is one of the worst things you can do to me. Even worse than ruleshounding me...not by much, but there you go.

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