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Friday Pix

It's Friday, finally. Let's get it on!

It's good to know someone a lot like yourself

Go on, take a chance

Hitchin' a ride

I'd live there


Thanks, I'll keep that in mind

Seriously, no one thought this should be changed?

Bee leaving its stinger behind



I love the geometric structures, here

Sometimes, you just have to dance

This makes me miss working for Xerox. Wait, no I don't.

Maybe it's time to exercise and cut down on the tuna

If you need me, i'll be here

Watch that first slope, it's a doozy

This did not go as planned

Elephant love

Sneak attack

I'd be more than happy to soil this tissue

Open wide

Half-ton junk sculpture robot wine rack

Oh, shit

It's a child management system! It's cosplay! It's both!

Always be prepared

Congrats, you're both covered in Mercedes-Benz symbols.

I'd hate to have to mow the lawn.

Have a great weekend!
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