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Friday Pix

Not gonna lie: I have no boffo intro for the Pix this week.

Someone's not happy

Someone's scared

It's all in the perspective


Traffic is Hell

If you need me, I'll be here

Never give up

Be fair, everyone likes the swings

Friends for life


Contrary to what you might think, that's not me in the back row

Hobbit hole


Wagons are no fun if no one is pulling you

Fight for your right

Pharaoh ate something that did not agree with him

"My spoon is too big!"

Rachael Ray can cook anything

Yeah, that was a good idea

Diversification is the key to success...he hopes

Orgies of the animal kingdom

Tasty sounds

At least he won't run out anytime soon

Your neighbor is tired of your shit

Oh, shit

I don't think the bucket is going to fill, buddy...

Have a great weekend!
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