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Friday Pix

Another week has come and gone. Time for the Friday-est of Pic-posts, the Friday Pix!

Evening over the pyramids

Elephant love

Hohenwerfen Fortress - Salzburg, Austria

How you can tell that the dog has given up

Now, THAT'S hot.

You really have played them all when you load this one up.

A sure sign that you have too much stuff


That would really get in the way of my sleep

"The garage was full and I didn't have anywhere else to store it."

Was there seriously not a better place to take this pic?

I hope your Fourth of July BBQs went better than this.

Be a parent and still enjoy your relaxation time

Parking lot of the Douchebags Anonymous meeting


Nice to know the child was a priority

Summer fun for the kids

I love water features

Protective moms of the animal kingdom

If you need me, i'll be here


I want the lower door to open up and have a set of slide-out steps, but I doubt that it would happen.

That pretty much says it all

.....Yes, I'm sure that's true.

I'd love this as the entrance to my house

There are times you simply have to grab the person next to you and break into song-and-dance

...including this book!

Have a great weekend!
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