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Friday-ish Pix

So, my apologies for getting this week's Pix up a day late. I'm getting very beat down with work and life, and dealing with it all on top of some other small situations is taking its toll on me.

Some things can't be stopped

A street full of bad luck

Wow, this place has everything

OK, now you caught it. now what?

Sadly, they realized their love could never last

Well, whatever gets you work...

Good to know, thanks for the warning

Not really in a celebratory mood

You don't say?


Redneck sales event

That's gotta be hell on the upholstery


I suppose that's one way to do it


Thanks, I'm proud of them

Flash mob

Creative parking

If you are going to have tan lines, be artistic

I do not want to navigate this house while drunk

Oh, shit

Go on, open the door

A little knowledge of physics and chemistry goes a long way. Jackass.


Flashdance: Canine Version

It might be time to clean out your case

The whole family came over to use your pool

Have a great week!
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