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Friday Pix

I'm sore from a fall yesterday, but that won't stop me from posting the Pix!

Nightlights of the plant kingdom


Taking the kids to the beach

Nature's art

If you need me, I'll be here

Rock climbing, the snake way


One of the coolest hotels, ever

Father and son

"'Cause this is Thriller...Thriller night..."

If you're gonna work for it, flex it

And you thought wool sweaters were itchy...


Someone's tired of the squawking

You figure it out

That's one way to keep salesmen away from your door

"Things happened."

Well, there's your problem.
If this ever showed up at my garage, I'd charge them double and probably keep the snake.

Up, up, and away

Dance like no one's watching

OK, so it rained a little bit last night

Cycle of life

Childhood friends

Hey, at least he's honest

Have a great weekend!
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