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Friday Pix

Man, still tired this morning, but them's the breaks...time for the Friday pix!


Waterfalls in Croatia

Becoming one with nature

"Bring your pet to the pub" night got a few oddities this week...

"Doncha wish you were me?"

I see Jesus was here.

Go find your car. Then give up and stay home.

Found him.

Technology makes life easier.

"Wait, don't go..."


Cows can be cruel trolls. In fact, a severe lack of intelligence seems to run in trolls.


Hidden temple

Nature fights back



I'd love to be this happy for one day

Bat 1, Frog 0

Apparently, God needs to watch the road, too

I found my new home - Hotel del Salto, Bogotá, Colombia

...or this one

Light and reflection

Hey, a small balcony is still better than no balcony

Have a great weekend!
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