God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

We finally got enough money stashed that we thought we could start looking for a place of our own. We searched online, got a few leads, checked them out, and found one we really liked. Just a little one bedroom place, 750 square feet, nothing special, but even closer to my work than I am now, and nice. With a fair amount of trepidation, we applied and waited. Computer glitches held up the process, and I called them today to find out where we were.

"Oh, didn't you get my message yesterday?" I was asked. Dumb question; why would I call and ask if i had? Anyway...we got it. Peals of laughter and dances of happiness were had. Wednesday, we pick up the keys and move stuff in. Thankfully, we don't have to have it all out of here with any speed, but we still want to get it down ASAP.

Fuck yeah. out of this filthy house and into our OWN SPACE, away form clutter, dogs, dirt, and other eyes and ears.
Tags: house, moving

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