God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Once again, LJ makes some changes that don't seem to be in line with the idea of LJ standing out from the crowd.

- At the top of your Friends List, you should see a link allowing you to try out the beta of the new style of F-List, which is more like a Tumblr feed (bland look, infinite scrolling). A pop-out menu on the side is available to change between filtered groups.
- The LJ-cut placeholder is going back to looking like little scissors...AGAIN.
- Some other minor things, which you can read about here.


Interesting side note: LJ is almost completely Russian, now. The US office for LJ is down to something like 4 people. In a global community, this shouldn't make a huge difference, but the world hasn't stepped up to that level of cross-involvement yet. in the meantime, LJ's roots as a blog site and interactive community have slowly but surely disappeared since BradFitz gave up and sold it, changing in favor of being more like other 'social networking' sites. This is one more step in that direction.

As a permanent account holder, I've held out for years, trying to favor my LJ over other platforms that i felt were not as close to the style of community that I wanted. The 'old style' of LJ is still that, but I fear that that style is either dead or on life support and needs to be allowed to go. Sad, really, since there's nothing else out there like it, and certainly nothing close to it that has the community built up. I'm not abandoning LJ, of course. Just sad to see it dwindle like this. I'm just as much at fault as others; I used to post several times a day, and now I'm lucky if i post once or twice a week. Time gets away from me, I have so much less to say, and knowing others are more involved elsewhere, I go there, too.
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