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19 November 2012 @ 01:19 pm
Phone rang early today, 'Twas Kathryn asking for help. Bill and Tina have moved to their new place and got out everything but the (fucking huge) desk, and they need to turn over the keys in an hour. Bill's at work, Tina's useless, could i help? No clue how Bill and I got that desk in there, as it does not fit through the door. Took it apart to make it easier to move, muscled it down a flight of stairs alone, did an amazing job of maneuvering. As i lifted it into the pick-up, I broke part of it. Improved it, IMHO. Ah well, that part wasn't necessary.

Got free breakfast. Ah, greasy/starchy/deliciousness, I miss you.

CostCo run. People in large stores lose their ever-lovin' minds. Plenty of food for the house, though.

More stuff loaded up from the old house, pretty sure that's the last of it. Schlepped 6 loads or so up the stairs to the apartment, and managed to slam my fingers in the door on the last load. Really? Way to go, jackass. Also, part of it was some pots/pans/plates/glasses that Tina donated to us...and they are pretty much awful. Greasy, not well-cleaned, and ugly as home-made sin. Since we bought some really cool plates and glasses for ourselves, think these are just gonna get donated somewhere.

Back hurts, tired, still need to put all this stuff up and get posters up today. J's feeling a bit poorly, sadly. Gotta try and take care of my baby.
Staxstaxxy on November 19th, 2012 09:22 pm (UTC)
a hot bath where you let it soak might help your back. Well done sir.