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Trailers, Fandom, and um....Anyway...

So, "leaked" trailers from Comic-Con for 'Suicide Squad' and 'Deadpool':

Hmm. Ignoring the low-quality uploads, I still have to say that neither one grabbed me. Not saying I hated them or something, I'm still interested, but I wasn't impressed. I'm really trying to be open-minded and not jaded to these things, I swear.

Deadpool: I'm still not really happy with the way DP is being done, but I think, in the end, there's no way I'd ever truly see it and think "perfect", unfortunately. I've been too big a fan for too long, and my internal style/sound/feel for the character isn't going to be reflected anywhere else. Trying to ignore that, I still just didn't get a vibe that felt right, but I also know that this is just the first view. Who knows, it could be awesome. I think the things that are hurting me on this are the fact that this is a character that doesn't fit well into a realistic space and has always been at least partly comic relief...and the fact that I dislike Ryan Reynolds.

Suicide Squad: Well, hell, can barely tell what's going on in this trailer, that's a start. Again, low quality. Also, though, DC is sticking to this "more gritty, more realistic" feel, and this isn't just super-heroes (who still have to be "human" underneath), these are the psycho super-villains. Making them normal crazies felt strange, and I got very little vibe of each on sight. Harley only sorta struck me as Harley (if I hadn't known it was her, it would have been even harder to place). Deadshot, I don't think I'd have guessed, or Rick Flagg. Croc just looks like some fucked-up big guy. Joker...he's been done so many times in so many ways that you can't help but compare him to previous runs. Without that comparison, though, I dunno, I'm just wasn't invested in it.

Again, this is all first-look reaction. Not making any sweeping judgements, yet.

But they didn't grab me.
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