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This Is Not Your Religious Freedom

I'm sick and fucking tired of seeing this shit.

Defiant Kentucky clerk says he’s wiling to die for his right to tell LGBT people they’re going to Hell

SHORT VERSION: this jackass says he'll continue to defy court orders to issue marriage licenses to LGBT couples because his religion dictates that he tell them, instead, that they are going to Hell. He claims he's ready to go to jail or even die for this "belief".

What a crock of shit.

1. This is not your religion, this is your job. you are hired to perform a service. if you aren't going to do it, or you have some reservation about doing it, then get the fuck out. Don't stay there and fuck it up, don't try to prove a point, go a way. The moment he started this crap, he should have been fired for not doing his job, period. this goes for every other instance of this, anywhere. Simple, easy to understand: i hire you to do this, if you don't want to do it, i find someone who will.

2. You feel this "lifestyle" is a sin and against your religious principles? Don't live that way, then. You have that choice and the right to make that choice. PERIOD. Someone else doing something is NOT your choice, nor has anything to do with you practicing YOUR religion. YOUR rights to YOUR religion end at the tip of YOUR nose. you don't get to say "Well, I choose not to eat meat, so no one else gets a steak."

3. "Lovingly telling someone that they are going to Hell" is bullshit. First, i kinda doubt you are doing this out of love, but that's just opinion. Secondly, it's not YOUR JOB to express judgement, it's your job to process forms. Your opinion isn't relevant. If you cannot (or WILL NOT) make that distinction, get out.

4. So, you took an oath to support the law, and that's what you say you are doing, but when the supreme authority says that the law is now overturned and says different, suddenly you aren't going to do so? Where's your oath now?

5. No, your damned religious text is not the supreme law of the land, no more than anyone else's. Bible, Torah, Koran, Satanic Bible, Witch's Bible, Scribblings of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, they are all no better than another, and in a country that supports religious freedom, a country that is not (supposed to be) run by any one religion, The Law outweighs your own internal faith-based (and thus NOT fact-based) beliefs. So put down the book, bud.

6. While we are on the subject of arrogance, don't bring up our veterans and the tired old argument of 'they fought for this" to try and build a foundation for your bigotry. They did not fight for the right of one group to try and rule the roost, they fought for the freedom of ALL Americans, the freedom to live free from persecution and as equals. You know what the price of freedom really is? It's the fact that you have to remember that everyone else is free, too...not just you and your chosen congregation.

7. Fuck you, and fuck any "this is a War On ____" talk. It's not a war on Christianity; as far as i can see, the only aggressors (and thus, the only ones waging a war) are the bigots. If the SCOTUS ruling inadvertently made some Christians suddenly guilty of "religious persecution", then maybe you should stop persecuting people instead of trying to defend your right to persecute. That would seem to be a much more Christian response.

8. At no point has anyone taken away your religious freedom. You are still free to worship and believe as you choose. Others are simply being given the rights they should have had already, as American citizens. However, and it bears repeating, your religious freedom does not extend beyond yourself. Feel how you wanna feel, believe as you wish to believe, but society as a whole (yes, all genders, races, nationalities, orientations, creeds, and political stances) must still be subject to the Social Contract.

Didn't we have these arguments already, about race? About country of origin? About gender? And haven't they already been shut down, legally (if not, unfortunately, socially)? Why are we still doing this? What the fuck is wrong with these people? I'm done with this, I'm done. If this is how you think and feel, then I'm going to have to take a page from your book, lower myself to your level, and treat you like you treat others; shun you, cut you off, and refuse you service.

End of discussion. Grow the fuck up.
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