God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Art(punk) Is What You Can Get Away With

I started this note with the phrase: "I'm so fucking tired of (blank)-punk designations for fiction subgenres". However, I quickly paused and realized that this is a typical thing to happen, in this day and age of style and image over substance.

Face it, in the era of soundbite social media, everything has to be shared to the world as fast as you can and in as small a package as it can be packed so as to capture even an iota of public notice before it is swept away by the tides of cat pictures, prank videos, snarky blog replies, and political tirades. It's highly unlikely that your fiction story, game framework, or short video will get much of a wide experience when the average person has to try and keep up with so many threads and passages, and won't bother blocking out too much time for anything that they can't quickly repost to show that they are hip by seeing it first.

So, instead, come up with a new word that is easily quotable, something that will get used plenty even if it is, by itself, not that big a deal. A category of fiction, especially that already exists? Good start. See that someone is taking it in a new direction? (Genre)-punk! It's new! It's cool! It's hip! It's "subversive" (because, you know, you SAID punk, right?)! And all you other self-proclaimed artists want to be cool, too, right? So add something to this category, quick, so you can be a forerunner of this one, especially if you already have something that fits, so you can be a "I did it before it was cool, I was a Founding Artist of this movement" type! Woo, I say, woo!

It's not as much that it's not cool without a category, it's that people are less likely to take the time to read your novel if they can't find a reason why. BUUUUT (dot dot dot) if you can promote it with a post saying how it's the newest and greatest example of (blank)-punk wonderness, you not only grab all the bandwagoneers, you catch the eye of any blog that is catering to it, and then the sky's the limit....for now.

Form above function. Style above substance. Essence of art, right? Not to imply that art is shallow...just the subversion of it.

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