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Finally got to see "Mad Max: Fury Road" (Don't judge, I don't get out much these days). As a huge fan of the Max films, I've really looked forward to it. With that, a couple things need be said.

- I was a little surprised at the slow build of a lot of the plot. I didn't see this as a bad thing; in fact, it stayed pretty true to the pacing of the other flicks. Was just not expecting to see that in today's cinema culture.

- I did NOT buy in to Tom Hardy as Max. The grey hair was missing. The scar on the eye was missing. He was too bulky for Max's build. He just didn't seem or feel like Max. Not that Hardy did a bad job, it just wasn't MAX.

- I would have liked a little more background on the antagonists. It was great to see Hugh Keays-Byrne again, but I was left wanting on the back story of Joe, and the Bullet farmer, and the People-Eater. Cool, but no depth at all. Even The Lord Humungous felt less shallow than these guys.

- Lastly, but definitely not least...I didn't see a thing to complain about. I mean all the flap the so-called Men's Rights crowd lost their damn minds over. What was the big fucking deal? I didn't see any emasculation of the males, and I didn't feel Furiosa's actions in any light of sexism, but rather as the right thing to do. J and I both tried to figure out what the problem was, and came up snake-eyes. Just more modern-day examples of people looking for something to be offended by.

All in all, good stuff, loved it. Too bad I'm hearing soch weak reviews of the game tie-in, but that's not wholly unexpected. i'll play it eventually, anyway. Only down note of it all was that I ordered it through Amazon, and instead of the Blu-Ray/DVD combo, the one we got had 2 identical DVDs inside. Amazon is shipping us a new one, so hopefully it was a random error and not a general defect with the first run or something.
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