God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Re: Kim Davis:

I've been trying to basically stay off the topic, as there is enough bullshit being said without my spouting off any further about it. However, I feel the urge to say this, which started with a comment elsewhere:
"I'm willing to go against my personal ethic to not resort to violence for the chance to punch her in the mouth. So fucking sick of this useless waste of oxygen. And, really, what a sulk-fest, passive-aggressive load of crap, all this BS about choosing between her job and her faith, and this other line about making a point of putting that it was by court order on there...what-the-fuck-ever, Kim. Dammit, why hasn't someone just set her on fire. Johnson said that patriotism was the last refuge of the scoundrel...but I think we might want to add 'religion' into that quote."
Kim, you are a disgrace to your job, your religion, your country, and your species. You are on a list of people that make me sad to be human, and your bullshit bigotry is a sad example of low-intelligence belligerence in the face of change. Your continued reluctance to simply be a decent human being is worthy only of scorn and invective, and history will bear this out. This country, one of freedom and democracy, has been through movements that have seen the end (legally, at least) of discriminations and the establishment of equal rights for all genders and all races. Hell, you wouldn't even be able to HAVE the job you so self-righteously shit on if we hadn't been through this before. For you to simply repeat the losing fight of history shows a marked lack of intelligence, social awareness, and character.

Grow up, Kim. Stop hiding behind a flag and a cross to justify your hatred. You have already proven that your god's laws are not to be explicitly followed (divorce? hmm?), so why stoop to this, which is a fuzzy area anyway? Sign the damn papers, it doesn't make YOU gay, any more than someone signing gun licenses is condoning violence and murder or someone singing a bar's liquor license is cheering on drunkenness. But then, doing that would not make you famous, would it?

You know what would, though? Doing your job and being happy about it. Show the world the Kim Davis of love, acceptance, and passion. Go on record as saying "in Kentucky, we like everyone, and we're not afraid to show that we are FOR love and AGAINST hate!" Of course, I guess that'd make you go against your principles, too, huh? Guess you'll go on being the sad, boring, hateful, spiteful, small person you have shown the world.

The world will continue to move on...with or without you.
Tags: bad news, fight back, frustration, politics, rant, way to go jackass

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