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First of all, no matter how long I'm awake today, I still feel like I've just awakened, kinda swimmy and unfocused. To quote my good friend Molly, it sucks much raisin. Bleah.

Secondly, today, I have been down in Vancouver for a month, and still no job. Time to consider stepping down my standards soon, I guess. (*sigh*) I hate feeling like a freeloader.

Thirdly, my paternal grandmother's body is being committed to the ground today. My heart and my feelings go out to my Dad. Granny, we lived in such different worlds we didn't really know much about each other. Sorry we never did anything about it. Famos Ranot Reld, Anne Prevatt.

Lastly, my love is not having the best of days. I'm here for you, darlin'. And I always will be. No matter what.

On a good note, I see discordian went and picked up Deus Ex for his PS2, and got as hooked as I did. *G* Tres cool.

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