God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Halcyon Daze

You know, I had to fix so many typos in the following code, I think the quiz author was on some serious drugs when he wrote it.

You are much like your relative, hash, only discretion is advised upon your company as to whether you are the distinctive quality of sweet pungant smelling buds, or crappy kiff or leaf. Like hash, you have a funny effect on people making time with you a strange and wonderful concept to perceptualise. People enjoy listening to music with you and can spend much time discussing the varying depths of sound or other such stuff, either that or they sit for a time in a semi-comatosed state. Often people in your company think they can understand Einstien's theory of relativity when, in fact, they are so shitfaced they can't even tie up their shoelaces, but as it has been found, neither could Einstien. Sometimes you make people paranoid and they walk down dark alley ways and creep along parked cars to elude the police from seeing them. Spending great amounts of time with you makes people want to lose their job and live an alternative lifestyle supplying the state with their yearly yields..of your kind. Often they get bored of the idea soon and begin eating smaller amounts of the stuff or giving up cigarettes, before they have a psychotic episode and join their crazy diamond of a friend in the mental ward.

Find Out If You Were A Drug, What You Would Be!

quiz by ravenritings


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