God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Weird Happenings Over A Day

It started innocently enough...a discussion of gaming and DM's in msmarlamae's LJ, and, well, as happens so many times when Isaac and I get rolling, it went in so many directions that the convo no longer has anything to do with anything we started with.

However, the end result got me creative in a silly vein, so building on one of the last comments I made there, I present my idea for MTV's new reality show, "The Skywalkers". Let's look in on them, just for a second...

Leia: Dad, what the fuck is that Star Destroyer doing in the driveway?
Darth: That is your chaperone, Leia. Do not argue.
Leia: Dad, we've been through this before...
Luke: C'mon, Leia, he's reformed now, he's just looking out for you.
Leia: He's still a Sith, and I cannot respect that.
Luke: Damn, Leia, you intolerant bitch!
Darth: Luke, don't make me hit you. Do not speak to your sister that way. Your anger will turn you to the Dark Side, as it did me.
Luke: CHRIST Dad, don't start that shit again. I'm so tired of *URK*
Darth: (*hand extended*) Do not underestimate my powers, Luke. Now, go to your room.
Amidala: Stop it! Stop this bickering, now!
Darth: You may have been Queen before, dear, but not anymore...don't start in on me.
Luke: (*breathing again*) OK, OK...yeesh...
Amidala: Luke, don't forget, you need to clean out the trash compactor and walk Jar Jar before you go out.
Luke: Why can't Leia walk Jar Jar? She likes him much more than I do.
Leia: Sorry, can't...Han will be here to pick me up any minute now.
Luke: That's not FAIR!
Amidala: Stop that whining, or I'm sending you to live with your Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen again...and you know how boring Tattooine is.

I'd watch it. No question.

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