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Went and saw The Scorpion King this evening...laugh if you will, but I enjoyed it. How could you not? Well, for one, you could be one of these annoying fanboy-types who takes the whole thing way too seriously, and you could point out plot holes, bad acting, and predictable dialogue. And I wouldn't debate you.

But me? I understand that some things are just there to enjoy. Sometimes, you don't WANT something intellectual, you just want to be entertained. Shit, if this is not true, then explain to me why there is a THIRD Austin Powers flick coming out this summer.

But I digress. The movie was fun. Pure action, with just enough extra thrown in to get you to the next feat of machismo. Sure it was predictable...but who has been surprised by much cinematically lately? Hey, I liked it, and that's me. Temper that by the fact that I do collect bad films, and watch them plenty.

Just my 2 cents worth, given for free. G'Night, friends. Sleep well.

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