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Dammit, and When You Are Done, Take Out The Trash

You know, I used to love Morpheus. I wanted a certain image or MP3, and I fired it up and there it was. Then, one day, it tells me that it will no longer work, because they have released a preview of the new software, and they killed the old one. Well, this seems odd to me; after all, you don't kill good programs and run only a beta. But I have little choice, so off I go. Imagine my chagrin when I now have no choice but to deal with the things that do not work, and the changes that make things worse.

(*sigh*) Ever heard 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'? Hell, after it's release, it shot to number one. And why release a half-assed version, and kill the main one? Figure that one out...bad ploy, if you ask me. They have lost a lot of users to AudioGalaxy, it seems.

Well, word is that the completed Morpheus 2.0 shoud be out in 2 weeks or so. Cross your fingers.

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