God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Holiday Rant

Well, now that life is starting to return to normal, allow me to stir up some more trouble.

Is anyone else disgusted by how much 'September 11th' crap got brought up on Memorial Day? This is supposed to be a day that we devote to and remember those Americans that fought for our country, living and dead. And while patriotism may not be my thing, and I may not agree with that bunch of shit-fisted Muppet fuckers that call themselves our government, I do have a certain respect for anyone that believed in this country enough to go and fight for it. That is conviction, and I salute you.

If I hear 'those that died in the WTC bombing were heroes' one more time I'm gonna have to rip the lips off whoever said it. They were not heroes, they were victims. They got up and went into the office, and were blown up. Period. They were not protecting our interests or fighting at all, nor had anything to do with anything even vaguely concerning our country. Get over it.

While we're on the subject, have you heard about the ceremony they are going to hold there? Clean-up of the WTC site is scheduled to be finished on Thursday (ahead of schedule, congrats). As a closing ceremony kind of thing, the last thing that they will carry out of the site will be an empty, flag-draped stretcher, some sort of grisly memorial to 'those that died'. OK, first of all, the final death count for the whole incident was LESS THAN 3000...shit we lose THAT MANY to stupid shit each day. Secondly, is it just me, or is that just a tad morbid? Not the way I'D want to be remembered.

I also see that some woman in LA, along with the help of communities across the coutry, WALKED a flag from there to NYC, presenting it to the NYFD on Memorial Day...the event even got a title, the 'Patriot Line'. She was on the national news and everything...which seems to me to be the real reason it was done. And what was in 'in memorial' of? Yep, you guessed it: September 11th.

Welcome to Amerika, Land of Over-Romanticism and Home of the Pointless. We can't seem to have something happen without infusing everything with it and using it for our own personal gain. And can we let somethng go? Hell no. We have to make sure that you aren't scared otr upset by it, and therefore we must make a point of it in every possible way. And as soon as we start letting something get behind us, well, let's just raise a stink about it somewhere else, and get it back in the news! Or let's relate something to it that isn't connected, and bitch about that too!

You know, I was on multiple planes on September 10th. Just a day earlier, and I might have been one of those victims. And I'd have been disgusted that I was remembered in such a fashion. But I wasn't. So I've moved on...just waiting for the coutry to catch up. But it seems they wil not, for they are too busy putting more spotlights on these victims, instead of shining it where it needs to be: on those who had the integrity and the balls to say 'No', and who felt strongly enough about it to go and do something about it.

I salute our veterans.

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