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Monday Morning Mishmash

First and foremost, a big 'Welcome Back' to caliban, who has finally re-entered the world of free men. Glad you're back bro'. We'll talk more later.

Secondly, I'm feeling awfully frosty, for the simple reason that I got to get my schwerve on last night and game! Di hasn't gamed in years, and so I started running a solo game for her, so she can get back into the groove. A slow start, but that's as expected. Yeah, online is fine, but there is just nothing to compare to face-to-face gaming.

Thirdly, my best wishes go out to discordian, for his present sitch. I'm not worried about you, bro', but I wish you the best of luck. And I'll be totally open about it, I'd love to see you come out here. Not your town, I know, and I hope you find what you need in the Big Apple, but still.

Fourthly, a shout out to kitters, who just seems to be having a less-than-shiny time of things right now. ((MUCHO GRANDE HUGGZ))

Well, enough for now...off to other things.

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