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Sometimes, I'm An Asshole

So, my front window, the one into the bedroom, is open, because it's nice out. And what do I suddenly hear, all the way in the back, loud enough that it sounds right next to me? 3 guys, in the parking spot right outside the window, blaring some obnoxious hip-hop crap from one's car, while the other two apparently drool over the stereo.

Now, OK, fine, you wanna buy a radio that loud for your car, that's your business, and sure, you have no penis and have to show it off, I understand. But, damn, after a few minutes, we all get the point. Nope...10 minutes later, it hasn't changed. Meaning even the "music" hasn't changed. (Not that I could detect anything resembling a melody, or lyrics, or anything else that is generally accepted to be part of music, but that's a matter of taste.)

So, as the beat died down between similar tracks, I opened the blinds and asked them if they liked classical music. They replied with a laughing but emphatic 'No!', and turned back to the car. I merely mentioned that I was glad, since now I knew what I could blast out to annoy them as much as they were disturbing me, and closed the blinds once again.

Of course, they left the music loud. But they have now moved on, and I turned down my music. I guess they didn't like hearing 'Bond' coming from the window next to them.


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