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OK, I've been saying I'll do it ever since I got the Banshee up and running. And since I haven't been doing any graphics for a while, I've slacked off. I'm referring to the fact that when I loaded all the programs into the Banshee (for those who don't know, the Banshee is my computer), I never have loaded up all my actions, shortcuts, etc. into Photoshop.

Well, I'm tired of this folder sitting on my desktop, mocking me. So that is my plan for the afternoon.

Now, I want you to understand why I have been avoiding this. I've got about 300 different actions in that folder...most of which I'll need to load (one at a time), run to make sure it does what I think I remember it doing, then renaming and reloading. And that isn't counting adding in all the fucking filters I have extra...I lost count.

*Sigh*...we all suffer for our art, in one way or another...

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