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On And On And On And On And On And On.....

The mass loading of plug-ins continues...only 200 more to go...

True to form, though, I'm slacking off to not only post to LJ and find my smokes (which I'm getting dangerously low on!), but to go and change all the cursors on the Banshee. Why? Because I cannot leave anything alone, it seems.

Besides, seeing all links show up as the 'devil horns' hand is cool:

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    Jim Jeffries On Why Other Countries Think US Gun Laws Are Crazy Pretty well sums it all up, as far as I'm concerned.

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    Dammit, I'm a large male who is not given to a lot of outward shows of emotion. My lady refers to me as her "BearBear", f'Pete's sake. So, when I…

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    Apparently, when David Tennant left Doctor Who, he got the cast and crew to lip-sync to his favorite song for a video....

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