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Pick-Up Windows Remind Me Of Dating

i am

you are perverted. in a way. not only do you celebrate excess but you find ways of making everything exquisite. you like pool parties, lots of skin and other gatherings that turn into bachanallian bliss. you're a humanist with near inhuman carnal desires. more often than not you're breed are predicted to rot in hell, so sayeth television evangelists. satan reserves a seat for you.

you won't demure from an orgy if invited and you never cease the search for new contorted bodily pleasures. the party-animal in you could smell the scent of sex from a mile. you say yes to occasional bdsm and say no to bestiality. you are not that low.

oral sex? you like it porn style.

sexual positions? you can write kama sutra variations every year.
what sexual performer are you?

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