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Well, I have to raise my glass to a primo initial outing of our little coterie. For tyhose that missed it...damn, I'm sorry.

Eggplant, mussels, and shrimp for appetizers, garlic bread and caesar salad for starters, a combination of rotini in a cream sauce (just a hint of broccoli, I think) and bowtie pasta in a tomato cream sauce to accompany stuffed chicken breasts (stuffed with a raisin mixture) with a mushroom and wine sauce for first course, fish filets and prawns in an italian base sauce for second course, and dessert was a mixture of chocolate layer cake, New York cheesecake and 3 different ice creams of varying but complimentary flavors, the whole meal accompanied by 2 different wines...Needless to say, I'm in heaven. And not really expensive, considering the food we had (worked out to about $30/$35 a person).

Add to this, I got to meet some fun people (we have to hook up another time, nighthawk...rockstarbob, you really did cut your hair, didn't you?...to everyone else, I didn't get names for everyone [except Kim, who smoked with my buds!] but it was fun nonetheless!), and that's ALWAYS a good reason to go out and have fun.

Can't wait until next time, my friends! here's to good food and better company!

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