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Let's NOT Do The Time Warp AGAIN

I think I'm gonna be sick:

In Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the birth of "Rocky" (when Richard was writing the original play)...Lou Adler and Twentieth Century Fox will shortly announce a huge broadcast television event for February 2003.... A remake of the Rocky Horror Picture show with an all-new celebrity cast. The director of this project will be Stephen Elliot who directed "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" and the cult classic "Welcome to Woop-Woop"". Casting will be going underway soon.

Thank you Hollywood. Thank you for fucking up something ELSE beautiful. What's next, you gonna remake Citizen Kane? How about Gone With The Wind? After all, you can just "recast" them with an "all-celebrity" cast too, and it won't fuck them up anymore than this will.

As a die-hard RHPS fan, who can quote you the entire film, including the extended audience lines, without needing to SEE the damn thing, who has played every part live at least a few times and played 'Frank' twice a week for a year at one point, and one of the only people I know who actually OWNS 'Shock Treatment'...I am BEYOND DISGUSTED.

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