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I'm Sick Of This Shit

You know, I am a HUGE horror movie fan. I've seen them all, it seems, and can prolly give you more background on most that many others. But I have my limits...and they've been crossed. Dimension films is now doing Halloween: Resurrection...and it's gonna star Busta Rhymes, of all people.

First off, MIchael Myers was never supernatural, just very strong and crazy. So, when he got his fucking HEAD chopped off at the end of Halloween H2O, that should have just about done it. Guess not. I was annoyed that they just sorta dropped and forgot the whole storyline they'd spent several films building up, since it was finally getting REALLY interesting, but at least it was a nice end...well, apparently not.

And when is Hollywood gonna figure out that hip-hop "stars" do not make movies? Most recently, it was Rah Diggah in 13 Ghosts, a beautiful, if shallow, film, but I wanted her to die so badly, just because she was so damn annoying. Really...if I could have reached into the screen and slapped her, I would have.

And just to REALLY get my goat...Coscarelli has been struggling to get the final Phantasm made for YEARS, with limited results, and it has intelligent storylines and a deep backstory, plus a more original premise...but THIS gets made?!?!? Man, every day I find new reasons to want to pull a Cecil B. DeMented.

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