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No Energy For Boffo Title

Man, I feel rough. I was fine this mornin', and now, I feel sore all over, and I have no energy, it seems. Near-total lethargic apathy.

Got Bug in the pool again this morning. It was great to see him just kicking his way around the pool on a floatring, not scared or anything. I tried getting him to actually JUMP in, and succeeded slightly, but it's still scary for him. Unfortunately, his situation up to this point has been all Mommy, and so he's a real momma's boy...and it shows, to a scary degree. I'm not around him enough to make a real impact, but I'm trying. Still, what a wimpy kid, and old enough that changing the biogram in him is a REAL chore...and there are too many influences working AGAINST me. The burden of the teacher, I guess.

Di's birthday is tomorrow, and I knew I wouldn't have the money to get her anything, which I felt bad about, so instead, I've been working on a poem for her. I finished it and went ahead and gave it to her today. I guess she liked it...

I think I should go to bed, but it's too early for that, and I don't want to. Guess I'm going back to playing Nocturne.

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