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Google Fun

I decided to do the "Google" thing...and I'm laughing so hard I can barely type...I had to cut the list down to the best ones, and it's STILL huge...but every one came verbatim from the search pages.

Frank is best known for his crowd pleasing musicals

"Frank is so amazing it's scary!" (LA Weekly). "Frank is a monster. A young powerhouse capable of extraordinary feats of mastery."

Frank Is Bigger Than You

Try Frank!!!

Only three people in the history of professional bodybuilding ever defeated Arnold Schwarzenegger. Frank is one of those three people.

Frank is also active member of the Department's Plasma Physics program

Almost every day Frank is in the boardrooms, the streets, and on the stage with demanding audiences, of the business world. Frank knows how businesses work.

Frank is innocent, he commutes the sentence only to have a lynch mob grab the hapless convict.

Who he is, what he is all about. Fees. The latest up to date calendar of where Frank is going to be in the next few months.

A second-generation wrestler, Frank is the son of Wally Dusek of the famed Dusek Riot Squad

Frank is Professor of Comparative Literature Emeritus at Princeton University and Professor of Comparative Literature and Slavic Languages

Frank is a founding member of the board of directors of the new United States Anti-Doping Agency

Frank is also a professional pilot and he is a flight instructor.

Frank is danceable, but mostly mediocre.

Frank is working on his next CD and already planing his third.

Getting things done is important to he, and Frank is fastidious in attaining what Frank sets out to do. ... Frank is confident and seldom doubts he own abilities.

Frank is hangin' it up!

Frank, Is It The End of an Era?

Frank is scheduled to control Yoda in the upcoming prequels, and he also will still supply the voice.

Frank is currently developing a full-length ballet

Frank is currently working with composer George S. Clinton on a Warners Brothers horror anthology production called "Night Visions."

Frank is the exact opposite.

Frank is available on a limited basis for speaking engagements

Frank is no stranger to the press

Frank is the word! ... Frank is the word!

A vote for Frank is a vote against Politics, A vote against self-publicizing egomaniacal monsters.

Frank has been one of the most influential & therefore one of the most important artists of the twentieth century

If Frank is a hero, he's a Taoist or Zen one rather than a conqueror seeking personal vict ory or gain.

Frank is not the host of a long-running New York talk show

Frank is not a public archive

FRANK is so beautifully rendered that you'll wonder if you're actually seeing it properly.

Frank is determined to go the extra mile to meet your expectations

Frank is a strong advocate of casino gambling 'for fun and hopefully profit' and he has debated anti-gaming advocates in the past.

Frank is so invisible, when he looks in the mirror, he thinks they woke up the wrong guy

Frank is 85 years old and he wants to be cloned.

Frank is indicted under Counts One, Three and Four.

Frank is served on a New England-style bun and covered with mustard and relish.

frank is pissing me off - help ban him

Frank is stressed. Really stressed.

Frank is troubled.

Frank is an exceptional surgeon

Frank is an attorney, mediator, author, professional conflict management trainer and consultant in private practice

Frank is a fraud.

Frank is witty, light, philosophical and meditative by turns

Frank is a shady wiseacre with dubious mob ties who runs a moving company-cum-pissante car servive-cum-detective agengy out of a little Brooklyn storefront

Frank is the King of Handicapping

Frank is better known to most Air Warrior pilots as "Gray Eagle"

... And people who haven't read any previous post have no idea what Frank is actually talking about.

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