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Yay! Yay! Survey day!

Seen in wolfye's journal, but finally taken from faecat....

wallet: black chain wallet with a Maltese Cross on it

hairbrush: big white Paul Mitchell thing...

toothbrush: black and blue Colgate flex-head-contraption

jewelry worn daily: (when I remember to put them on) 2 rings, chinese dragon and a brass and pewter Alchemy Gothic one, and some earring ( I have too many to describe)

socks: generally white, but I have a lot of odd cartoon socks

pillow cover: black

duvet: tiger blanket or my constellation blanket

sunglasses: mirrored wrap-arounds

underwear: prefer boxer briefs, but have lots of interesting boxers, fave used to be silk leopard-print ones

shoes: boots, black, above the ankle workboots

nail polish: normally noe, at the moment, an iridescent teal tha changes to purple

handbag: purple backpack, occasionally

keychain: 2-inch dagger with a bat as the quillions, and a pewter chaos symbol

favourite top: prolly my velvet black and leopard 'rockabilly' shirt, or my red 'voodoo' lounge shirt

favourite pants: black jeans

soap: Irish Spring

perfume: none, gives me a headache

cd in stereo right now: Lords Of Acid, 'Our Little Secret'

car: used to be a '96 Corsica (RIP Belladolla), at the moment, sorta own a non-functional black '90 Probe

tattoos: 1, chaos star on left shoulder

piercings: 1, left ear, considering getting nipples done

physical: 6'3", 230#, long brown hair, brown eyes, short beard and moustache

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