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Well, not much to prattle on about today. No, no phone call. No, I don't care anymore. It's Friday, buit that means considerably less when you aren't working...

I do want to bring your attention to something. This weekend, the Edward Gorey House has it's grand opening. Not only is this a museum to one of the most wonderful writer/authors of the 20th Century (in my opinion, ok?), but is also an organization dedicated to animal welfare and art education. My only beef with it is the fact that I cannot get there, since it's in Massachusetts. If I were closer, I'd prolly be volunteering there, to say the least...I do plan to become a supporter, once I can do so financially. Anyway, if you are out that way, stop in, check it out.

I'm feeling a tad artistic today, and that feels WONDERFUL! Gotta run!

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