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Friggin' LJ...or maybe I shouldn't complain....

Damn...all day, what do i see? 'Apparently, LJ is overloaded.' Well, no shit. I've read all the maintenence journals, so I TRY to resist the urge to reload the page until the damn thing works. Hell, I've even been good and NOT defected to DeadJournal. I really can't complain, I suppose, since this is a free account (but only because I don't have a credit card to pay for it easily, yet). Oh well...

Hmmm...Murder in Small Town X is on tonight. Hope I make it home in time to watch it....

Payday tomorrow, thank the Maker...and going after work to get the Tortured Souls figures.

Alice and i have decided to change our search options, dwelling-wise, to a 3-bedroom place, and get Eric and Stephanie in on it. That should be cool; not only will it be cheaper for all involved, but we will network the computers in the house...sweet....

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