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Wow...I'm Floating

Today has turned out to be an incredible day.

Bug woke up in a great mood, as did Di, so good start. Me, I woke up and was immediately switched on. It's the only way I can describe it. Everything made sense. I mean EVERYTHING. I understood things that I have been pondering, clarity was the norm. Hell, I even understood certain imprints in my psyche better, which helped me figure out other things. I even knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with the artwork I've been half-assedly toying with for a couple weeks.

There is nothing quite like starting out your day being physically, artistically, philosophically, and quantumly directed.

Now, add to that, Di found a job opening that was perfect for what she wanted, with better pay, so we can hope for that to happen. She also unexpectedly got her bonus check from work today, and it turned out to be twice as much as she thought it might be. That means that not only are we no longer broke, we have extra, and that means we can get some of the things we have wanted for the house, we can go out this weekend, and we will still have plenty left over for savings. It also means that I have smokes again...(*drag*)...ahhhhhh...

The only thing that would complete this day would be for someone to call and offer me a job...but I'm not gonna hope...I've gotten so much already.

Dear Goddess, you know I love ya. You take me to the edge, you kick me in the head, and you make me want to bitch-slap you, but you always come through in the end...you crazy bitch, you.

As far as the artwork goes...
Some of you may (or may not) remember the pic that Richard Rivera took of us a while back, that I loved so much. Well, It's not much, but I got my art done, almost exactly like what I had wanted to do.


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