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More On MP3's

Having many friends in the music biz, and being a singer/songwriter myself (even if not a very good one!), I keep a close eye on the whole "music industry vs. music downloading" arguments. Personally, I am a big mp3 downloader (even over dial-up!), and I happen to fully support it. I also feel that the RIAA is a bunch of money-bloated fools, who need to firebombed off the face of the planet...but that's just me. Anyway, I wanted to share with you an article I found today, on Janis Ian's website. For those that don't know of her, well, check the site for her bio, I'm not going into it right now, suffice it to say she's been around for a long time (17 albums!), and knows a lot more about the industry than most of the people you think know it. This particular article discusses some of the fallacies that the industry heads have been touting all over the airwaves, as well as a few points you may not have known which show what a bunch of hypocritical toe-licking goat-felchers they truly are.

The Internet Debacle - An Alternative View

I think I'll go look up some more music, just out of spite.

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