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The Karma Just Keeps Rollin'

Damn, Goddess must REALLY like me today. Add two more things to the "it's a great day" list. First off, I wanna extend congrats to my dear friend Denise, Lady Raven, who announced to me that she and her man are finally getting married! Man, I wish I could be there.

Secondly, Isaac, after a long time of trying to get hold of me today, finally managed to get through and tells me that he actually found my long-lost DMG! For you unintiated, that's a Dungeon Master's Guide...the 2nd ed. book I've had since it was printed, and which seemed to have gotten lost when he moved. Even after I got all my gaming books, etc., from him, my DMG was not there. Hell, I have the damn thing memorized, so I'm not dying, but there was sentimental value in that thing, plus it's nigh irreplaceable now...he went through all his stuff, and never found it. I was not happy. But apparently, he noticed today that his drum kit, stored in a closet for the last year and a half, was sitting funny, and what should he find underneath it? Wild...things are just...are just...indescribably good today.

Me so happy. Happyhappyhappy. Boing.

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