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Hope After All

I was watching The People Vs. Larry Flynt today, and I had a smile cross my face. Not because of the movie, though (which I happen to like), but for a somewhat unrelated reason. I realized that, for whatever reason, we have a dearth of religious leaders.

Sure they are still out there...you never REALLY get rid of any cancer. But no new ones appear to have stepped up in a while. We still have Jerry Falwell out there, preaching his idiocy and raking in the bucks, and he's not the only one. Well, I'm all for free enterprise, although I have a problem with using religion to do it, especially one as twisted as Xianity. But whatever.

But no one, that I've noticed, has stepped up to the plate to start their own ministry. I got to be honest, I take serious pleasure in this. Could it be that we are finally entering a new age of diversity and tolerance? Could we, as humans, be FINALLY coming around to the concept of NOT Ramming our religions down each other's throats?

Yeah, I doubt it, too. But it's a nice thought.

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