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Bringing Culture To The Young

OK, dig this. Last night, Bug was looking at my figures, of which a have a LOT, sitting on top of the entertainment center. He looks over them, really staring at them for a long time, and asking questions about each one, who they are, what they do. He comes to the ones I have of Orlock and Renfield, from Murnau's 'Nosferatu', and asks about them. After telling him, and mentioning that I have the movie, he wants to see it.

Now, this is a silent film, not flashy, black and white, and I warned him of this, knowing that he would no idea what I meant. No sound? No color? He's never heard of such a thing, but he really seems to want to watch it, so I just tell him that he needs to watch and pay attention to know what is happening, and put it on.

As we watched, I gave him a running commentary on it, telling him what was happening, etc...and he LOVED it! A 6-year old, silent movies, not a combo I would have guessed. Hell, he even wants to see Lang's 'Metropolis' now, after seeing my figure of Maria.

Ah, also...I've been reading him "SnarfQuest" chapters as bedtime stories...and he's COMPLETELY hooked. SnarfQuest, can you dig it? That so rocks....

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