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First off, thanks to those that commented last entry. News about an asshole bitch that is going out of her way to make the lives of me and mine Hell brought me to an angry point. But that has passed, thank the Goddess.

Also helped that I helped Bug conquer some more fears. Out at Di's parent's, we set up the Slip'n'Slide, which, apparently, he wouldn't even get NEAR last time, much less slide. However, by the end of the night, not only was he playing happily, sliding like a champ, he was running through the sprinkler (he has a HUGE irrational fear about water on his face...cripes, thank you aforementioned beeyotch), and even laughingly getting me to pick him up and TOSS him down the slide. Ripped my old shorts to Hell and back doing it, but I don't care...it ROCKED.

Oh, and add to that, the fact that I know for a fact that I have Di's parents' approval. That, more than anything else, means a lot to me.

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