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Evening's Festivities

Well, all was fun and gab at the Portland Brewery tonight. zombiedip and I had quite the enjoyable evening. A decent crowd, too, which helped...I think the final count was something like 16, I believe. Amongst the crowd, got to meet:

algeh: The other hat person
brad: Quiet but cool
clipdude: Late, but not dead...besides, I like former debaters
karzon: Fellow gamer and webdude...just getting PAID for it! Sorry we couldn't make the show!
kiwigal: "C'mon, it's smoke-thirty!"
aardammit: Hope the leg heals quick
radiskull: Always good to know people as loud and obnoxious as I...^5
unloveable: I had to make that joke, it was too obvious and no one else was
terwilliger: Didn't get to talk to ya much, but was good meetin' ya anways
qousqous: Eh, grow back the 'fro
daligirl: I'm scared at how I'd be portrayed, but I like it

Looking forward to doing this again, and hope to see most of you at any foodage outings I get planned 'elsewhere'!

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