God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Pardon Me For Sounding A Bit Like Andy Rooney

I get so tired of looking over my friends list and seeing people bitch about the fact that others post quiz results, which then shows up on someone else's friends list (this wasn't sparked by anyone specifically or recently).

They whine about how it screws up their friends page, or how it makes it load slower, etc., and how they think you should put them behind an LJ-Cut, so they don't have to see them. Most of these whiners, though, are the same ones who make posts that are 3 screens long, and who start out those very same posts with "I'm not gonna bother putting this behind an LJ-Cut, because this is my journal and I can do what I want".

*shakes head, laughing* Can we say hypocrite? C'mon, at LEAST have the same courtesies you wish extended back to you.

On a completely unrelated note: Having now played with Jasc's Animation Shop, I can honestly say that apart from a few effects that I was already kinda tired of seeing, I'm not overly impressed, and haven't found much that I couldn't already do in ImageReady, but I'll keep it around.

On a note related to that but still unrelated to the original post: I cannot find a copy of MetaCreations Poser 4 on the web to save my life, dammit.

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