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"Technical Virgin"

So, after reading through a really stupid but nevertheless funny debate in debate, I HAD to go see what the Technical Virgin website was all about.

Well, beyond being a riot, I keep falling apart, at random moments, because of one phrase: a testimonial by one 'young man', who happily claims "When I started my junior year of high school, I was already the captain of the football team and the baseball team, I was a straight-A honors student, and girls were offering themselves to me. I just couldn't say no to easy sex and free booze, but I knew I was risking my future. So I prayed on it, drove to Boise, and got this butt-ugly haircut. I haven't been laid since, praise Jesus!"

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    Jim Jeffries On Why Other Countries Think US Gun Laws Are Crazy Pretty well sums it all up, as far as I'm concerned.

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