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Well, Shit. Again.

Decided to get off my ass and install my ATI Radeon that I took out of the Magdalene when she committed ritual suicide...figured trhat would be better than the nVidia TNT2 that I have now.

Now, for those that do not know (which would be everyone), The Banshee is not in the best place, frankly, but I work with the space I have. She is on the floor under the desk, connected to the basics ON the desk, and the stereo ABOVE the desk, and the scanner and printer BESIDE the desk. This means that no matter how you move her, something comes unplugged somewhere.

First, find the drivers, since I lost the installation disk in the move. OK, no problem, but 10 MB? Yeesh, I figure I'll install it first and see if XP already has them. So shut it all down, open the case, and start getting out the nVidia...which doesn't want to come out. After some struggling (keep in mind that, like a lazy idiot, I spent more energy twisting around to a semi-comfy position on the floor rather than disconnect everything and move the box), I realize why...the catch is on the card, which turns out to be an AGP card. Now, when I got this (no, didn't build this one), I was told it did NOT have an AGP slot, which was OK with me...I'm glad it DOES, but this means that my PCI Radeon will not fit. Well, good thing I didn't bother downloading the drivers...

So, shove it back in, close everything up, and reboot...at which time I remembered I was going to move my USB mouse (which is on an adapter to fit the PS/2 port) to the actual USB slot. So, shut it BACK down (which I prolly didn't have to do...my head hurts, cut me some slack), swap out the plugs, boot BACK up. No mouse response...it's showing power (optical mouse), but no screen movement. Log into the account, and it starts working...ok, good...but no sound! Errggg, climb back down, fuck with the plugs until sound reasserts itself.

So, in closing...nothing is changed. Go figure. But I do have a just-shy-of-brand-new 32MB ATI Radeon video card I don't need now. Anyone wanna buy?

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