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-- Antique Bed T-Mogged for washable...only to find out that it wasn't necessary. Oh well, she appreciated it anyway, and that's what matters to me.
-- Copious information on the creation of a Death Priest scanned, OCR'ed, and sent to Mikki
-- Not a damn other thing done today

You ever get the feeling that you have no desire to look behind you, because you might not like what you see? You are confident of what you have done, and you have moved on, but there's that one little nagging part of you that swears the thing behind you isn't what you made at all, but a monster, just waiting for the right moment to rip your spine out? A monster made of many things, a veritable Frankenstein of bad choices, wrong words, and uncontrollable situations? And when you get that feeling, do you wonder if perhaps, you could have taken a single turn differently, just one, but that turn would have taken you in a completely different direction? Or, alternatively, do you look forward, and wonder about the next fork in the road, hoping that it might take you where you want to go, but secretly dreading that it will cause you to veer farther towards the Abyss?

I try not to. But sometimes, I look on things that I have seemingly no control over, or at least not as much as I would like...and I wonder.

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