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Update 3 For Today

I had to pass on this article, posted by karzon.

Bush Denounces 'False Religion'

Oh, good. Now, our Prez, the leader of the free world, is making some of the most inflammatory remarks he could have tried to make. Sure, Dubya, let's piss them off some more...we didn't have enough problems with 9-11. I would desperately love to just slap him across the mouth for this.

And I also love the WHite House guys coming behind him, trying to smooth over that comment. They know...it's their job to know how words affect people and to use them, so they know how this went over. Hell, one of THEM needs to go slap Dubya.

Christ, even George Sr. wasn't this big a meshugganah. It's his son, maybe HE needs to go slap Dubya.

Actually, we should all form a a line outside the White House, and just all take a swipe at him...like somethign right out of Airplane!.
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