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I realize I haven't ranted in a long time, nor have I really presented anything that scares people with my views on society...well, I didn't want you to think I've been slack.

Recently, othiym posted a story which turns out to be an urban legend, short version being a grandmother who shot the testicles off of two rapists that nailed her granddaughter. Vigilante justice, whatever. A fairly interesting debate was had between me and bittercupojoe, about the legal system, arming the populace, and legal reform. You can read the thread here, but if you are going to add your thoughts, PLEASE don't turn this into a flamewar, be intelligent. I thoroughly enjoyed this discussion, and he gets a lot of respect from me for keeping this as a debate, not a hatefest (something I see happening all too often on LJ). I do NOT want it turned into a shouting festival.

Or at least keep your flames HERE.

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