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Updates, And Not About Games For A Change

Well, the only other thing going on in my life is my apartment, and I don't mean where I am now, I mean where I used to be. Truly, a twisted story.

See, my name is the only one on the lease at the place in Seattle, but Eric and Steph were living with me. I moved out, and we had tried to get Eric's name on the lease, but the management there is almost NEVER in the office...I've spent DAYS trying to get hold of them more than once. Anyway, I went ahead and moved, and just told the office (if it ever came up) that I was traveling on business.

Apparently, Eric has never been put on the lease, so I'm technically in default of my lease since they know there's others there. The story has kept them off my back about it, but what with E losing his job, the rent was late again this month...and they finally decided to start eviction proceedings against me...which is funny since I don't live there, but not funny since it's my ass in the sling.

Well, I've talked to them, and if the rent and late fees gets paid off this week, then they will stop all proceedings, and I told them I was moving out by the end of next month, since E&S were planning to get out of there. That pretty much placated them, assuming it gets paid, so I've been back and forth on the phone with E for a couple days, getting this together.

I'm not mad, or anything like that, I just don't want this thing on my record. Still, regardless of anything else, I'll be glad when it's no longer on my head. Just another month...

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