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LJ Trading Cards

And why the Hell not? I se there are two: the original better looking one, and the newer one, which leaves you room to actually put something on it. To be fair, I'm posting both.

The original one is prettier, but I notice that the code from the page doesn't fit with the graphic, and runs off of it...I played with the wording for 10 miniutes to make it fit properly...and then I posted it and had to go play with the code and change font sizes and cell padding to make it work right again.
  <td valign="top" style="width : 102px; height : 102px;"></td><td style="padding-left: 5px; vertical-align : top;">archmage
Name: Chaos Blackflame
User: 122935
Created: 2001-05-05
Post Count:
The "Encyclopedia Chaotica". Everybody's psychiatrist, daddy, and sounding board. Revolutionary and Ranter. And likes to laugh.
Strengths: Scary IQ, Makes Wicked Breakfasts
Weakness: Brownies, Sex, Booze
Special Skills: Explain Anything, Extensive Vocabulary, Singing, Drinking
Weapons: Knife Collection, Hockey Stick, Black Belt, Long Hair
Allies: Zombiedip and Discordian

(available for your use here)

The other is simpler, and works. You make the call for yourself. Me, I had too many things I wanted to say to get them all on the first one.

Trading Cards
Permanent Account Edition
User Number: 122935
Date Created:5-5-2001
Number of Posts: 1,293

"Archmage" makes people happy by being everybody's psychiatrist, daddy, and sounding board. Simultaneously, he spawns controversy by posting rants about anything and everything that strikes him as even mildly stupid, even going so far as to create a community for it. How he manages to be so loved and reviled at the same time is a mystery, to which he will only answer "Years of practice."
Strengths: Known as "Encyclopedia Chaotica", he knows something about almost everything. Remembers entire movie scripts. Has an IQ that scares even him. Gets applause for his DM skills. Known on both coasts for making a wicked breakfast. Keeps his beard well-trimmed.
Weaknesses: Has a fondness for action figures and T-shirts. Usually refuses to shut up. Easily bribed with brownies, sex, or booze. Plays too many computer games. Loves tater tots.
Special Skills: Extensive Vocabulary, Animal Empathy, Explain Anything And Make It Sound Reasonable, Singing, Digital Art, Power Drinking
Weapons: Knife Collection, Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, Hockey Stick, Walking Staff, Swords, Humiliating Banter, Long Hair of Attraction +4
Partners In Crime: Zombiedip and Discordian, who can join with him to create the unstoppable Triad Of Cool...and probably a decent band.

Make your own LiveJournal Trading Card!
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